Know your copy could be better, but not sure how to fix it?  

Now you can get an expert copywriter's advice... without hiring on a contractor or agreeing to a huge project.  

Instantly reserve your review now for just $797 (limited quantity available). 


Sweeten Your Copy & Get More Sales

If you're a an ecommerce shop owner, and you're feeling unsure about your copy, then this audit could be the perfect next step for you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

"We wrote our own copy, but none of us are copywriters..." "I feel too close to this project... I'm not sure if I'm seeing our copy objectively after staring at our site for so many hours"  

"I'm a good writer - in fact, I majored in English! But I'm not sure about sales writing" "We know good copy is important, but up until now, we haven't been able to invest in it, and honestly, we're still not sure if we need a full custom copy project" 

Get a Flavor Test of Your Website Copy and Find Out...

  • What message your site is really sending new visitors
  • How you can easily add in copywriting frameworks to take your existing message from "Meh" to "MMmmm!"
  • Whether your messages are being presented in the right order
  • How your Headlines and CTA's can position you for more conversions
  • The small little copy bits that might seem boring, but are actually critical to include in order to get conversions

"I seriously can’t express how much anxiety was lifted after working with Anna.."

- Monica Relyea | Monica Relyea Events


"Highly Recommended."

- Steven Kessler | Sunrise Premiums -


"I was stuck... I needed wording to convey a clear message to my customers. She nailed it."

- Shea Bailey | Bailey Shea Designs

" I reached out to Anna because I wanted my website to truly speak to my target client .... I knew what I wanted, but not how to make it happen. A “Word Smith” isn’t even close to what Anna is, she’s a brilliant Wordmaster! A genius!! She’s also quick at returning work, and did I mention brilliant?!"

- Jessica Farrell | Royal Bee Florals & Events

Get an expert outsider's eyes on your copy... right away

Purchase your review today and get:

  • Thirty minute video walk-through of your site (up to five pages)
  • Complete report of findings and recommendations (including the why behind each recommendation)
  • 30 minute live Q&A call so you can get your questions answer and confidently start implementing!

Once you complete payment, you'll be directed to an intake form to share information about your business, and then I'll get work and send your review within 10 business days!


Should I get an audit, or hire you for a custom project?

Consider that my website project rates for a 3-page website start over $3,000

And I'm typically booking projects at least a month out - which means, you have two wait at least two months before getting your new copy.

When time is of the essence, an audit is a great way to make sure you can improve your copy quickly. 

Examples of times when an audit is the way to go:

  • You're planning a big promotion or PR opportunity, when you know you'll be getting a big increase in traffic, and you want to capitalize on it.
  • When you're planning a website re-do next year, but you don't want to wait that long to increase your site's effectiveness. 

How long will it take for me to receive my audit?

Good news! You're in the fast lane toward sweeter copy: I turn around all website reviews within 10 business days of purchase!

I'm a service provider, can you review my website?

Absolutely! These days I'm focusing my client work on product-based businesses, but I always love consulting with my fellow service providors, and this audit is currently the best way for us to work together.

Is this review for long form sales pages, or only traditional websites?

You can absolutely have me review your long-form sales page! You should note, however, that this review will only cover one sales page, instead of up to 3 traditional website pages.

About Anna

The perfect blend of sales strategy + brand flavor

Anna Bradshaw is the conversion copywriter behind Anna Bradshaw Copywriting. She blends data-based conversion strategies with brand flavor to create the perfect copy for clients.